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Royal Jelly & Ginseng

Royal Jelly & Ginseng  

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*30*CAPSULES – 11 usd

Composition per capsule: freeze dried royal jelly 0.100g/cps; red ginseng root powder (Ginseng radix pulvis) 0.050g/cps.
Royal jelly plays an important role in the cell breathing processes, as well as in the metabolism. It regenerates hair, nails and skin, thus preventing their ageing; it is a hormonal regulator. Ginseng root has immunity modulator properties, reduces ageing processes; it is stimulator and tonic; it increases the number of red cells; it improves the capacity of resistance to different types of stress. The product is a very good regenerator and revitaliser of the body, an excellent immunity stimulus.
Directions: 3 cps/ day, before meals, with a glass of water for a period of 2 months.

الجل الملكي يلعب دورا هاما في عمليات تنفس الخلايا و زيادة مناعتها.هو منظم هرموني يساعد على  تجدد الشعر ، الأظافر والجلد ، وبالتالي منع الشيخوخة. يزيد من عدد الخلايا الحمراء مما يحسن قدرة المقاومة على أنواع مختلفة من الضغوط

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