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Gastrophyt Forte

Gastrophyt Forte  

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*30*CAPSULES – 15 usd
    Composition: lithothame powder (Lithothamnium calcareum pulvis) 0.050g/cps; aloe powder (Aloe barbadensis pulvis) 0.035g/cps; marigold flowers powder (Calendulae flos pulvis) 0.035g/cps; Saint John’s wort herb powder (Hyperici herba pulvis) 0.050g/cps; Mellisa leaves powder (Melissae folium pulvis) 0.040g/cps; passion flower extract powder (Passiflora incarnata extr. pulvis) 0.030g/cps; grapefruit seeds powder (Citrus paradisi semen pulvis) 0.020g/cps.
    Due to the complex of natural active substances it contains, the product contributes to reducing gastric acidity and spasm; it is a cicatrising, favouring the regeneration of the normal intestinal micro flora, as well as the gastric mucous membranes; it sustains digestion and regulates the intestinal transit. It helps in case of infections with Helicobacter pylori.
Directions: 1cps x 3/day, after meals, with a glass of Pi water or gas free water, for 2-3 month

نظرا للمواد الفعالة الطبيعية التي يحتوي عليها هذا المنتج فهو يساهم في الحد من حموضة المعدة وتشنجها و يساعد على الهضم.
الجرعة : حبة ثلاث مرات يومياً ، بعد الوجبات ، مع كوب من الماء ، لمدة ٢-٣ أشهر

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