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*20*CAPSULES – 8 usd
Composition: St. John`s Wort powder (Hiperici herba pulvis) 0.020 g/cps ,Melissae folium pulvis 0.020g/cps, Marigold flower powder (Calendulae flos pulvis) 0.010 g/cps , Acacia flower powder (Robiniae flos pulvis) 0.020 g/cps.
Combination of herbs that reduce gastric acidity, promote restoration and healing of stomach mucosa, diminishes intestinal cramps and reduces inflammation at this level. Decreases the frequency of digestive disorders due to stress (acting as a sedative to the central nervous system).
Dosage: 1-2 capsules as needed
 Directions: 1-2 capsules as needed

مثالي في حالات ارتفاع حموضة المعدة ، عسر الهضم ، فتق وقرحة المعدة وقرحة الاثني عشر والمغص في الأمعاء.
الجرعة : حبة الى حبتين حسب الحاجة.   

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