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Price: $15.00

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Composition: Passiflora extract powder (Passiflora incarnata extr. pulvis) 0.050g/cps; valerian root powder (Valeriana radix pulvis) 0.100g/cps; Melissa leaves powder (Melissae folium pulvis) 0.040g/cps.
The plants within the composition of this product are well-known for their sedative effects. They calm nervous and agitation states; contribute to settling the nervous balance. The product sustains the body under stress, reducing the anxiety states. For having a quiet and resting sleep.

Sleep disorders: 2cps/day, in the evening, with a glass of water, until full recovery.
Nervous system hyper excitability: 1cps x 2/day, before meals, with a glass of water, until full recovery.
To be used cautiously by drivers and heavy equipment operators!

يحتوي هذا المنتج على نباتات  معروفة بآثارها المهدئة. انها تهدئ الأعصاب والانفعالات ؛ وتسساهم في تسوية التوازن العصبي. المنتج مثالي للاشخاص  المعرضين للضغط النفسي ، فهويحد من القلق ويوفرالنوم الهادئ والراحة البدنية..

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